Downtown Islamic Center Speaks On The New Immigration Laws, Reform

-By Montezz Allen

Starting December 2013, undocumented immigrants will be allowed to legally drive in the state of Illinois.

How did this come about?

Secretary of State Jessie White’s office said that Illinois will be issuing a temporary visitor’s license. The cost will be 30 dollars and it’ll help more than 500,000 undocumented immigrants in the state to operate a motor vehicle, legally, without any trouble.

With that said, my responsibility for our group’s final project will be to produce video. I plan on visualizing the way those of other countries feel about this specific law. Also, how it’ll impact family, friends, loved ones, etc.

Furthermore, I plan on contacting the Downtown Islamic Center as a source. I’ll try my best to interview leaders and other members of the mosque about this law. Another source I intend on contacting is a professor at DePaul’s who’s credible and can speak on this topic.

Although I plan on asking for their position on the new law issued by Secretary of State, I also will bring up immigration reform because not only is it an issue in the state of Illinois; it’s an issue all around the world, too.


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